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Use this free calculator to get actionable insights, measure the impact of surplus on your profit margins, and learn how much you can increase revenue and profits with Lovvett!



Add your business type, and your monthly revenue and get actionable insights that will impact your profits:



1. Add your type of business and average monthly revenue and the calculator will show industry benchmarks for businesses like yours!
2. If you know your numbers more in detail, you can get more precise information.
Feel free to add your: food cost margin, operating profit margin, average SKU sale price, average percentage of unsold products, and average products purchased per customer.
3. Get insights on how you can increase your profits, and by how much that would impact your business!

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 Here's a quick sneak peek of what you will find inside the calculator:


Get more relevant insights about your food business:

Download the Calculator - Lovvett


Input your Monthly Revenue and Business Type and you will get:

  • A comparison between your business and industry averages.
  • A breakdown of important data for your food business.
  • How much surplus is costing you on a monthly basis
  • How much additional profits you can make by joining Lovvett

And a lot more insights you can take action on!

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Learn where you stand against the industry averages and how to get the most out of your food business!

Plus, find the hassle-free & profit-making solution to surplus...

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