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What customers are saying:

I am loving this app! There isn’t quite anything like LovvettApp out there. The deals are great & it gives me the chance to try different places.

Arlene H.

It feels great to save money while discovering new local restaurants, knowing you are helping them and you are doing something good for the environment. I simply lovvett!

Gabriel G.

I downloaded the Lovvett App as recommended by my daughter.  I thought it was incredibly convenient and an interesting way to try out a new restaurant. A quick selection, click, and dinner is ordered and ready for pickup. Especially during COVID, what could be more convenient than that!?

Caryn T.

La Lovvett App me gusta mucho ya que te da la oportunidad de probar otros restaurantes sin gastar demasiado, y asi poder regresar al lugar y disfrutar de cada  menú. La utilizo seguido y se la recomiendo a mis amistades.

Emilia C.