Generate untapped revenue from your surplus food, instant deals, and happy hours

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Generate untapped revenue from your surplus food, instant deals, and happy hours

Why should I enroll my business?

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The benefits:

  • Up to 7% more revenue
  • Up to 15% more profit
  • REACH New Customers FOR FREE!

No monthly fees, no commitment. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

It's a No Brainer!

Is Lovvett right for my business?

Lovvett works for:

  • Restaurants of every size and type
  • Bakeries
  • Grocery stores
  • Cafés, cake shops, delis, quick bites
  • Any business that sells fresh products






How much can I earn?

Typically, businesses make up to 7% more revenue and 15% more profits.

Results will vary depending on how much food surplus you have, what you post on Lovvett, your customer experience, how much you upsell and more.

How much does it cost me?

We believe in Win-Win, so Lovvett is risk free for you!

We only keep a fee out of the pre-tax sales price of items sold.

  • No monthly, annual, or listing fee
  • No payment processing fees
  • No commitment

How do I get paid?

You get paid for the sales you made every other week.

See your profits grow in real-time using the dashboard on the Partners website.

  1. Using Lovvett for Partners, a merchant posts surplus food offers in Lovvett. It takes just seconds to specify description, price, quantity and pick-up time frame. Make it even easier: set the auto-upload mode once and forget about posting.
  2. A customer sees the offer, orders it and pays, all in the Lovvett app.
  3. The customer picks up the order within the merchant-specified time frame.

Lovvett provides support, handles payments and makes the experience smooth for both partners and customers.


We take care of payment through the app, so when customers show up with their in-app receipt, just greet them and hand them what they bought.

Feel free to upsell any products that complement their purchase or engage with them so they return!

Please observe food handling and safety policies (including storage), just like you do with any other product you sell.

Lovvett does not charge any monthly or annual fees, listing fees, or payment processing fees.

We get a small fee out of the pre-tax price for every sale you make in Lovvett, sales that would otherwise go to waste.  

So, there's no downside in trying Lovvett. We hope that you join, you like it, and you stay on as a happy partner in our mission to help food retailers thrive while reducing waste!

You get paid every other week.

​​We pay our partners their share of the sales every other week.

We pay via an ACH using the payment info you add in your Settings of the partners app, so please make sure it's up to date.

You can see your sales in real-time​ in the Dashboard of the partners app.

You can post offers in seconds or let Lovvett do it for you.

Lovvett is designed to save you money and time. You can upload custom offers manually or allow the app to auto-upload generic daily offers for you, so you can set & forget. (Read on for more about Lovvett Bags!) While you're at it, you can create template offers with common items to make the process even easier.

You choose the pick-up times that work for you.

When you create the offer, you select the pick-up times. After ordering, customers will show up to your business during the specified time frame, ready to pick up their tasty food.

Yes! We encourage the upsell.

When customers arrive to pick up their order, try offering other products at the full listing price so they get to know your menu better.

Multi-business owners, we got you covered

Lovvett allows for several venues. Just let us know about your needs and we'll make sure you stay in control.

You can cancel at any time.

Since there's no commitment nor monthly or yearly fees, you can try Lovvett with no obligations. You'll stay visible to all Lovvett app users as long as you keep posting your offers.

We hold a minimum listing and discount price of $4.99.

We believe you'll make the most out of your time by listing items at $4.99 or more. This makes the offer attractive enough for customers to want to pick it up. 

If you have an offering of lower value, you can bundle it up with another product to increase your average sale with less effort. Consider using the generic Lovvett Bag to combine offers and maximize your return. (Keep reading for more on the Lovvett Bag!)

A hearty discount on the regular listing price increases the chances of selling your surplus items. This is more profitable than throwing the food away, losing a potential new customer and increasing your waste management expenses.

Lovvett Bags are perfect for businesses that don't know how much or what kind of surplus they have.

Identifying your surplus can be tough, especially if you run a buffet, bakery or takeout restaurant. Mark the offer as a Lovvett Bag and offer useful hints about what customers will find inside.

We provide helpful examples in the Partners Guide. We also include a disclaimer with all Lovvett Bag offers, which helps educate customers on the availability and variation of surplus food.

You can easily make your Lovvett Bag available every day by allowing for auto-upload and adjusting the quantity as needed. This way, you can concentrate on your business and brand-new customers!

Use Lovvett the way it fits your needs.

At Lovvett, we're in the business of helping food businesses thrive. Aside from posting regular surplus offers at a discount, you can also post flash sales during non-peak times, run specials or happy hours, promote hidden gems on the menu or test new creations. 

Just make it your own. Customers looking for something new and valuable will show up at your door!

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Matthieu Cartron

Owner & Pastry Chef,
La Croquantine

Partnering with Lovvett is a no-brainer for any bakery store or food business owner, you do well by doing good!

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Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association

Proud Member of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association

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Yanni Georgoulakis

@FoodyFetish (3.5M followers on IG)

With Lovvett, any foodie can eat-out and discover new venues every day, while doing good for our planet.


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