Can deliver yourself?

Use your in-house team to deliver Lovvett orders at a reduced commission, with the flexibility to access Lovvett drivers when you need them


What is self delivery?

How it works

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Customers find your restaurant

They order and pay on or Lovvett App

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You manage incoming orders

You confirm and set prep times in your tablet, merchant portal or POS

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Deliver to customers

You hand out orders to your drivers, or Lovvett drivers if needed, to deliver.

Control de delivery experience

You set the delivery fees the customer will pay, and the delivery area you will deliver to.

The best of Lovvett at a lower cost

Get discovered, enjoy free marketing and increase your sales, at a lower Commission rate than Marketplace orders.

Ran out of drivers? We've got you covered

You have the flexibility to tap into Lovvett drivers network if you need.

Lovvett for Restaurants

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Yes, you can! Lovvett Self-Delivery is ideal for businesses who already have their own delivery teams, and are looking to increase orders by tapping into the Lovvett customer base.

Lovvett drivers are available to Self-Delivery partners. Our flexible fulfillment allows you to request Lovvett drivers to manage your delivery volume, expand your delivery area, and increase your orders.

Simply send an email to specifying your delivery area and fees, and we will get you set up in 24 hours.

With Self-Delivery, your restaurant receives and accepts orders through the Lovvett tablet, email, or text. Customers get notified that your business delivers its own orders. After that, it’s business as usual: get your food to diners using your own drivers. We collect the order value plus delivery fees and tips and pay you as usual.

Self-Delivery enables businesses to use a combination of their own delivery drivers and Lovvett drivers to deliver Lovvett orders. Lovvett Drive is a white-label delivery service that connects restaurants to Lovvett drivers to deliver orders placed on their own ordering platforms.